Investing in your skills

Rentmeester Training en Coaching keeps our operating costs and program fees as reasonable as possible. Still, it can be a challenge for some.  

You may be able to raise the money that you need to attend the Coaching Workshop through your prayer and financial supporters.

I hope this sample letter can assist you to raise the necessary finances to attend the program.

1. Pray about attending the program and be certain the Lord would have you attend.

2. If the Lord would like you to attend, He will provide the money!

3. Subtract the amount of money you have available. The remaining amount is your need.

Program cost:     € 250 euro

Money available:  -€ 50 euro

Money needed: € 200 euro

4. Pray about how the Lord would like you to pursue that financial need.

5. If He brings a specific person to mind, email and ask that person to help. (Adapt the sample letter on the next page, if that’s helpful.) As you think about raising the funds, consider what Keith Webb wrote about marketing in this post, its is a short version of what we train missionaries for in vision driven Partner Development at my other job:

Grace and Peace,

Leendert de Jong

[SAMPLE LETTER – change the details to match your situation.]

Dear Steve and Sue,

I hope this letter finds you well. I’d like to ask for your help.

As my role is growing, I’m challenged with how to empower and develop my disciples. As an organization we’ve tried conferences, visits, small groups, and conference calls. The most productive method I’ve found is an on-going and on-the-job personal coaching relationship.

What’s coaching? Coaching is an advanced form of adult learning. Adults learn better through dialogue and discovery rather than someone teaching them. Most of us can relate to Winston Churchill when he said, “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”

The goal of coaching is to develop a person to more effectively generate new learning by hearing from the Holy Spirit – perfect for church planters.

I’d like to take a short coaching course to start learning the art of coaching others. An organization called Rentmeester Training and Coaching has such a short Christian coaching program called the Coaching Workshop.

It costs € 250 euro for 5 half days of online training. Which is quite reasonable, since comparable secular coaching programs charge € 1000-€ 1500 euro euro for an equivalent training.

I have € 50 euro of the money already through a bit of training budget. I’m writing to ask if you would consider a special gift of € 50 euro to cover part of the remaining cost of this training?

I’d be grateful if you could let me know how you can help by the end of next week so that I can make plans.Let me know your decision by email or give me a call anytime. 

God’s blessings on you and your family,

Jane Smith

PS – You can read more about the training at: